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Agric Empire is a multivendor Agro e-commerce that involves the buying and selling of agricultural produce online – it addresses notable challenges and inefficiencies in the agriculture supply chain by streamlining farmers’ access to the customer and creating new links between steps in the value chain.

We are committed to enabling farmers to bypass intermediaries and sell directly to agribusinesses, retailers, consumers, and other customer groups, leading to increased efficiency of the supply chain and generating fairer incomes, as well as a transaction history for farmers.

Our vision is to create an easily accessible global market to all agro product producers and remove all barriers in the agricultural value chain in Africa

What we offer? Our solution offerings range from e-commerce, and logistics to support services directly to farmers

Ecommerce Marketplace

We provide a robust and easy to use multivendor market place so farmers and consumers/retailers etc. can trade with ease

Agro Logistics

We ensure that movement of agro products across the countries where we operate happen seamlessly

Agro Support Services

We offer agro support services to all stakeholders in the agricultural value chain - Starting from farmers to final consumers

Why choose Agric Empire

We provide an seamless and easy way to buy and sell any type of agricultural product at very competitive prices. This we do by deploying a multivendor e-market for agro producers (i.e. farmers) and consumers such as agro traders, processing companies, exporters, individual consumers etc. 


Also, Agric Emprie Team provides 24/7 support and security for your Agro ecommerce platform so that you can be sure that your data and financial transactions online are 100% safe and secure

12,563 Organic Products

24 Countries

2345 Friendly Farmers

Trusted by Hundreds of satisfied clients

Our goal is to is to ensure that both buyers and sellers are optimally satisfied whenever they transact on Agric Empire marketplace

It's a very good dashboard and we are really liking the platform. We've done some things, like upload our products without any guide. The whole platform is just so straight forward to use. I'd recommend Agric Empire any day
My son helped me create account. Now I just sit down here in Bauchi and people in Lagos will be almost begging me to sell to them. Walahi Agric Empire is wonderful.
Ali Mailafia FARMER Bauchi
This platform is really good. I signed up as a vendor and within 1 week I cleared out my grain storage. And at a price I didn't believe people will buy. Normally this would have taken 3 months. And they will still price you nonsense.
Adamu Garba FARMER Kaduna
This is the best thing that happened to my business this year. Now I don't have to travel to the north to buy sesame seed for export again. I just place order and they ship right to my warehouse. I can now concentrate on my export than the headache of sourcing for products. Thanks and I recommend your platform 100%
Adekunle Ola AGRO EXPORTER Ibadan