To register as a vendor, visit

Registration is subject to verification and approval.

No we don’t charge anything. Registration is 100% free.

We charge 10% per transaction. That is to say if your product is listed as NGN1,000 on our website, When some buys it and makes payment, we will remit NGN900 to you less 10% admin fee

After you place an order, we hold the money in trust until you receive your order and confirm you have received it. Else, your money will be returned if the Vendor fails to deliver.

Normally takes 5 days on Average to deliver. Except in cases where external factors beyond anyone’s control causes a delay. E.g. cargo truck breaks down on the road.

Quickly visit the HELP CENTRE page OR send direct email via


  1. Go to the MARKETPLACE 
  2. Select product and add to cart
  3. Click CHECKOUT and make payment

Note: at the point of checkout, you can create an account on Agric Empire or checkout as Guest

We accept payment via debit cards (i.e. ATM cards) and wire transfer.

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