Shipping Policy Template

What is the total delivery time for my order?

All orders are processed in 3 business days. For large orders, processing time may extend based on agreement with the vendor. Orders are not processed during holidays or weekends.

The estimated delivery time of your order depends on the distance of your location.

Here are the shipping charges and distances for deliveries within Nigeria:

Up to 10km NGN2000
Up to 100km NGN5,000
Up to 300km NGN7,000
Up to 500km NGN10,000
Up to 1000km NGN15,000

Note this is for orders of not more than 50-100kg

Delays might occur during peak season.

Which locations do you deliver to?

We ship all orders to anywhere in Nigeria

What locations are eligible for same-day delivery?

If you are located in the same city as the vendor you are buying from, your order can be delivered 24 hrs.

How do I check the status of my order?

You will receive email notifications from time to time. You may also track your order status on our Order tracking page.

What should I do if the tracking number I receive is not working?

We ensure our delivery alerts help you stay on top of orders. If the tracking number does not work, we recommend you try tracking with order number. Alternatively, you may contact our customer service team.

What can I do if I don’t receive my order?

If you don’t receive your order at the estimated time, it could mean either your order is delayed or is lost. You may contact our support team to know the exact location of your order. If not traced, your money will be returned and order cancelled

What should I do if I receive a damaged item?

You may take a picture of the damaged goods and forward to our customer care via whatsapp or email. Once your request is received, our team will mediate a solution between you and the vendor to reach a favorable deal for both parties. If established that the goods was damaged before the vendor sent it, you can return the goods and you.

What are the shipping timelines for international delivery?

International orders will arrive in 5-14 business days from the receipt of your order. You will receive shipping estimates at the time of checkout.

What duties and taxes apply?

Shipping costs for international orders will include international taxes, duties and value-added tax. At the time of checkout, the final order cost will reflect these charges.